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CoSu Line Update

Family Water Alliance, Inc. (FWA) submitted comments on the Colusa Sutter Transmission Line (CoSu Line) for the second time. The new round of scoping comments occurred because of the new alternative in the plan to add an east-west transmission line to enable SMUD to bring renewable energy to Sacramento from the Northwest. FWA remains in opposition to any loss of farmland for power lines and stressed the need to consolidate lines and look for other areas of renewable energy that are closer to Sacramento, such as wind energy.

FWA stated in their comments, “There are several solutions, including changing the way the renewable portfolio is counted. Much of the electricity in California comes from hydroelectric power and counting that power as renewable would change the need to import renewable power from other areas of the country. If this state is committed to sustainable living then it must look at ways to generate and produce power within the state, instead of placing the burden for power production and transmission onto the backs of rural California. Combining these lines with existing right of ways (road) and other power lines are also a solution.”

The constant assault on farmland is just one of the many burdens faced by farmers in California today. The comment period for the new addition, was extended, because of the flooding in the Sacramento Valley, but is now closed. If you want to receive notifications about the process you can go to the website and request to be added to the mailing list. The new map of the third line is also on the web page, along with the notice that stakeholders will be informed when the environmental document is completed for review.

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