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Experts Speak at Rice Meeting

The California Rice Commission hosted 5 experts to speak to their membership about issues they will face in 2017. Issues ranged from the new administration, the farm bill to potential new flow requirements for the Sacramento River. Todd Manley, Director of Government Affairs for the Northern California Water Association, talked about the impact of a report from the State Water Quality Resource Control Board that recommends increasing flows. In his presentation, Manley explains, ”The Report recommends improving habitat and providing flows that support native species and not nonnative fish. That includes more natural timing, distribution and variability of flows. A range of tributary inflows of from 35 percent to 75 percent of unimpaired flow is analyzed in the Report.” Manley states “The “percent of unimpaired flow” approach would not work for 21st century California and that, The “functional flow” approach is the preferred alternative for the Sacramento Valley.”

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