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Family Water Alliance Honored

At the recent Family Water Alliance, Inc. (FWA) dinner former, FWA executive Ashley Indrieri presented FWA with the Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) Friends in Freedom Award. The award honors FWA’s support of the PLF mission in the nation’s courts for limited government, property rights and a balanced approach to environmental regulations. FWA is proud to receive this honor from a group that fights tirelessly for those freedoms that FWA holds so dear. The efforts of PLF to help local Duarte Nursery against an onslaught of the Army Corps of Engineers, is just one example of their efforts to ensure that farmers rights are protected. “Established in 1973 Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) is a donor-supported national nonprofit that fights for private property rights, individual liberty, free enterprise, limited government, and a balanced approach to environmental protection. The nation’s first and most effective pro-liberty public interest law organization, PLF has a track record of success that includes nine consecutive victories at the Supreme Court of the United States.” For more cases and backgrounds visit their web site at

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