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Presidential Contenders Weigh In On Agricultural Issues

FBNews, the online/digital newsletter of the American Farm Bureau Federation, this week began posting responses from the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees on a range of issues that concern farmers and ranchers the most. AFBF asked Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump the same questions. Both candidates explained their positions on biotechnology, trade, immigration reform, regulatory reform, food safety and more.

“The fact that the candidates took the time in the middle of this very competitive election season to go into such detail in their responses says a lot about the importance of these issues and the farmers and ranchers who care about them,” said AFBF President Zippy Duvall. “Each of these issues touches our members at the farm and ranch level. Being able to provide information about the candidates’ platforms on issues that are important to agriculture is something we do every presidential election cycle.”

The candidates’ responses have been posted on:

• The farm bill, biotechnology, food safety

• The Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and the Endangered Species Act

• Regulatory Reform

Additional responses will be posted at in the following order:

• Sept. 27 – Immigration

• Sept. 28 – International Trade and TPP

• Sept. 29 – Energy

• Sept. 30 – Full List of Issues

While AFBF cannot endorse or support a political candidate, the organization is providing the candidates’ positions to inform Farm Bureau members and others. FBNews signup is free at

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