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Sites Project Progresses — Help Spread the Word

The Sites Project is a proposed 1.8 million acre-foot offstream reservoir in California’s largest watershed. This innovative and environmentally-focused project, located in Colusa County, will greatly increase the reliability of statewide water supplies for environmental, agricultural and urban uses. It creates a unique opportunity for direct benefits to functional flows, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta ecosystem and a reliable water supply that will protect against inevitable future drought conditions, and provide beneficial uses such as flows for salmon, wildlife refuges, recreation and flood control. As a supporter/participant of/in the Sites Project/member of the Sites Project Authority, we recognize the importance of Sites as a smart investment designed to help California tackle some of its toughest water challenges. The time is now to implement bold and strategic water storage options, in order to capture and deliver water for use where and when it’s needed most for the environment, families, farms and businesses.

Additional information can be found at: Follow the Sites Project on social media @SitesProject.

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