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What Can Be Done To Help Forest And Communities

• Allow Counties to remove brush and hazardous trees using programs like the good neighbor contracts.

• Refund the shaded fuel break projects that allow fire breaks to be built before the fires come.

• Fund and clean up hazardous fuels left in the wake of catastrophic wildfires

• Accelerate pro-active management activities that protect communities and other resource values at risk.

• Use social media to promote the use of thinning to maintain forest health.

• Work across land ownership boundaries and cooperation between agencies and the public to meet our common objectives for fuels management and forest restoration.

• Support groups like Healthy Forests and Healthy Communities. and The Sierra Nevada Conservancy.

• Explore ways to use removed material and increase the lack of capacity for removed material.

• Encourage research that looks at the whole watershed and treats human life as a part of that system. Such as Win Win Ecology and share concept papers like Wildfire risk as a socioecological pathology. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

• Teach and promote more prescribed fire around communities.

Remember it is your forest and your watershed and your water.

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